"I was sceptcal as my face and skin on my neck and eyes are doing some weird stuff at the moment (...I think it's just dermatitis). After trying so many 'posh' creams ranging from 25 to 40 quid+ ...they have just made the situation worse! Then comes my saviour... SKYNFÜD!
"Well so far so good! In fact I'm virtually kissing you right now!
Hands - being 45, I'm getting conscious about my hands and the fact that the skin isn't so smooth as it should be... along with the never ending washing and sanitiizer at the moment! Well, this stuff works a treat! And the lush fragrance drifts aound me for hours... lovely!"
"It seems to have done the trick with ------'s hands and she is really pleased, after a week of using it daily her hands were healed which hasn't happened for years and her hands would split on a weekly basis with dry sores.
My eye lids then started to flare up so on with the SKYNFÜD again and it was so calming to the skin and instantly reduced soreness and redness!

Bloody love it!
"SKYNFIX is absolutely amazing. It has calmed my eczema down no end and my skin feels so soft and nourished in just a few days."
"I've got mine, I've been using it on my hands which feel dry and dehydrated from hairdressing. The fist application I straight away noticed an instant relief from my skin feeling dry and tight. It smells really nice. Everytime I've got 5mins to spare I put a bit more on because it's so soothing. The hydration power of this cream is fantastic. Highly recommended."
"This cream is a game changer! I bloody love it!"
"Got mine yesterday, thanks SF. Felt lovely on my skin and smells gorgeous xx"
"I too had a tester and it's so amazing, it cleared my dry skin up. It's brilliant xxx."
"Omg SKYNFÜD; this cream! It's already helping (baby's) eczema, it's visibly less sore and already getting better!"
"I'm the same, I can't leave the stuff alone. I've literally just sat down for my first break with a coffee and the first thing I went for was the SKYNFIX! Thank you SKYNFÜD for being such a genius xxx